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    What is Cookening?

    Cookening is a new unique experience! Travelers are beginning to look for new, more authentic ways to eat and want to discover local food. They want to learn more about the culture of the place that they are visiting and they want to meet locals in a friendly environment. Many locals are also interested in meeting these foreigners and giving them a wonderful, homely experience where they can illustrate and share their culture.
    That's where we come in: Cookening is a platform where locals and travelers can meet and create an experience such as this.

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    Who is behind Cookening?

    The team who's behind Cookening is a French team passionate about three things: discovering new food, meeting new people, and traveling around the world. The idea of Cookening is an adaptation of our French concept "Tables d'hôte".
    You can find us on Cookening and on Twitter. Cédric mainly cooks and leads (on Twitter - on Cookening), Julien mainly photographs and designs (on Twitter - on Cookening), and Sébastien mainly eats and codes (on Twitter - on Cookening).


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    Why create Cookening?

    The main reason we created Cookening is because we're users: both as Hosts and Guests. This is our motivation! Of course, it's also because we want to offer the Cookening experience to the whole world.
    We want to bring people from other cultures together around home cooked food so that they can experience something that they may never have had the chance to experience. Cooks get the opportunity of sharing their true authentic cuisine with interested people that want to experience real local food. Plus, they can make extra money, and we want to empower these people with great cooking and hosting skills!

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    How does Cookening work?

    Cookening is a marketplace of people who want to be guests or hosts of home cooked meals.
    If you are a traveler for example, interested in joining a meal with a local, simply create an account, search available tables in the area you will be visiting, find a meal you would be interested in eating, book the meal, pay the contribution, attend and enjoy!
    If you are interested in being a cook for a meal, create an account, fill up your table dashboard with all of your best meal suggestions, respond to any messages from people interested in your meals, accept a booking, cook and attend! During the meal, be sure to ask questions, listen, learn, and have fun!

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    How to contact the Cookening team?

    Send us an email