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    As a guest, do I need to bring anything?

    Since you have already paid for the meal, you are under no obligation to bring anything. If you feel like you should bring something, you can research what is appropriate to bring to a dinner party in that country, or ask the host if they would like you to bring anything.

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    What am I paying for?

    You are paying for the cost of the entire Cookening experience. This includes the cost of the food and the host's hospitality. You also pay Cookening a small commission of 16,7%. Please keep this in mind when selecting your meal. Remember to remain open-minded about these new experiences. Being welcomed in a host's home is completely different than going to a restaurant.

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    How can I protect myself as a guest?

    Your safety is very important to us at Cookening and we want to make sure that you and yourdetails are protected. Given this, ensure your own safety and security by:

    - Looking at profiles for verified emails, phone numbers, and connected social networks.

    - Looking at suggested dishes to have an idea of the type of food that a host can cook

    - Messaging on Cookening before requesting or booking a meal reservation.

    If the profile of the person or table you are viewing doesn’t contain a lot of information, feel free to ask hosts for some more information.

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    What if I need to cancel?

    We understand that plans change and emergencies happen. If you need to cancel your booking, you must contact Cookening at least five days in advance. We can then contact the host to be sure they won't shop or cook. If you cancel your booking within the five days prior or simply do not show up, the money will not be reimbursed

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    What do I have to say in a booking request?

    When sending a request to a potential host, it’s best to share information that would make the host happy to welcome you. This includes interests, hobbies, what brings you to the place you’re visiting, and why you’re keen to dine at their table! You also should provide the host with any food constraints or restrictions you may have.