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    Do I need to be a professional chef?

    In short, no! But you do need to be a passionate amateur cook! We do not expect you to serve extravagant dishes; we want you to focus on local favorites, no matter how simple they are. We don't want you to be stressed when you have guests, so don't try to cook something you have never prepared before.

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    How much information should I give to a guest?

    As much as they ask for and you feel comfortable to share. If you have a guest who asks a lot of questions, answer them! It is always nice to make a guest feel comfortable coming to your meal. A profile properly filled out and nice answers to the guests interrogations make them more willing to come to your meal.

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    How do I decide how many people can attend at once?

    Be sure you only offer to host as many people as you feel comfortable with. If you can seat eight people, but can only cook for four, only offer four seats. Make sure you are not overwhelmed: your job is to have a good time and make the guest feel at home.

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    How do I decide what to put on my tabledashboard?

    Dishes can be any meals that you might cook. From soup, to salad, to meat, you can create as many dishes or courses as you would like. Try to make them as local and authentic as possible. Though, if you have a few non-local dishes that are delicious, we're sure your guest won't mind. Putting dishes as suggestions on your table page doesn't mean you'll have to cook them for every meal, these are just suggestions to give to your potential guests. You'll decide on the final menu directly with the guest.

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    How do I decide on an appropriate participation fee?

    First, calculate how much you will be spending on the food for the whole meal, including yourself. Divide this amount by the number of people it serves and you have your break-even price. Once you have calculated this contribution, you can either charge this much, or, if you would like to make a profit, you can add on what you think your hard work deserves. Remember, if your meal is too expensive, many may not want to attend! Make sure your contribution asked is reasonable for what you will be serving.

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    How can I take nice pictures of my dishes?

    Cookening thought about you on that matter and has writen some simple photo guidelines to turn you into a decent culinary photograph. You can find them here: photo guidelines.
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    How and when do I get paid?

    When you create your table, you have to ask for a contribution that correspond to the format of meal you have chosen, you are completely free to fix the price that you want. Then the guest pays for the meal to Cookening once you have accepted the request. 48 hours after the meal, Cookening transfers the money on your Cookening account that you are free to get on your own bank account.

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    Am I allowed to decline booking requests?

    Yes. You are not required to accept every Booking Request. However, we encourage you to speak with the guest and explain why you are not able to accept their request at this time.

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    Do I still get paid if my guest doesn't show up?

    If the guest has not cancelled the meal five days before the due date, you will get paid.