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How to use Cookening?

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    Who can use Cookening?

    Anyone who has a passion for food and culture! You should be open to new experiences and not be a picky eater! We are focusing our operations in Paris and France, but we’re enthusiastic to have hosts and guests worldwide.

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    Is it for Travelers only?

    No, as long as you are open to exploring new cultures and meeting different people, we encourage people from different places making up a local community to share their own cultural identities.

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    Is it Legal? Can I make money?

    It is absolutely legal to welcome outlanders in your house. You can have them for a meal, entertain them, and in compensation, you can ask at least for a contribution that will cover your costs. Depending on you where you live, it's possible that you may have to declare the money. Please check with your country's laws and be sure to abide by them.

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    What about the hygiene?

    Cookening asks hosts to provide a lot of information before creating a table, and all these tables are manually reviewed by the team. Hosts eat with their guests, so they pay attention to what they serve as much as they usually do when the're cooking for their friends or family, and even more so because they have guests. This is not only about the food, it also includes clean dishes and a clean home. If a guest thinks that a cook was not hygienic enough, they can report that directly to us and we'll contact the host. If there's a real problem, guests will be reimbursed, and the host will be banished from Cookening.

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    Why is it in English & French only?

    Because we're a young startup, with limited ressources. While we're focusing our attention in Paris and in all of France for the moment, we're enthusiastically targeting an audience of hosts and guests worldwide; so we thought having everything in English & French was the best way to start. We will soon have Cookening in other languages, let us which one you want us to have next.

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    How much does it cost to use?

    Joining Cookening is free, as well as hosting meals. As a guest, you are paying for the cost of the entire Cookening experience. This includes the cost of the food and the host's hospitality. You also pay Cookening a small commission of 16,7%, which is a small percentage of the meal added onto the cost. Please keep this in mind when selecting your meal. Remember to remain open-minded about these new experiences. Being welcomed in a host's home is completely different than going to a restaurant.

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    How is pricing determined?

    Hosts fix the contribution they want to ask their guests. Pricing is determined by the cost of the food as well as the estimated hospitality compensation determined by the host of the meal. Cookening adds a commission of 16,7% on the total price.

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    How secure is the payment system?

    It is very secure, because we're using a system from a partner, called MangoPay. You can see more information about it in our terms and conditions.