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    What should the host and guest discuss before the meal?

    The host and guest should be sure to discuss as many details as possibly before the meal. This includes any food allergies or constraints that the guest might have, special directions that may be needed to get to the host's home, meal specifics, and any other questions that you might have about each other.

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    Why do I need to validate my email and phone number?

    Your contact information is important to us. We might need to contact you when guests want to get in touch with you. If you give us fake contact information, we will not be able to do so. And guests trust more hosts that have connected their contact information, especially the phone number!

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    Why am I being asked for my address?

    You only need to give your full address if you are a host. We will only give this information out to confirmed guests. We ask for your hometown if you are a guest so that other users get an idea of where you are from. If you do not want to put your hometown but a larger city near where you are from, feel free to do so!

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    Why am I being asked to connect my accounts on social networks?

    There are two main benefits to connecting your Cookening profile to your social accounts:

    - First, this will increase the trust that potential guests will have when looking at your profile.

    - Secondly, it will allow us to show what interests you have in common with guests visiting your profile (who have also connected their Cookening profile to their social accounts).