Afternoon tea

A l'heure du goûter!

Oslo, Norway


Would you like to try homemade ice cream or sorbet?
Or a pie with norwegian stawberries?
Maybe you're more into apple cakes...
And will you dare trying french pancakes with norwegian brown cheese?

At "Chez Lulu" you will taste the best french recipes... made with the best norwegian products!!


  • Format: Afternoon tea

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Previously at Ludivine's table

Discover some dishes out of Ludivine's kitchen in order to whet your appetite!

  • Mousse à l'orange et petits fours

    Mousse à l'orange et petits fours


  • Tarte aux fraises

    Tarte aux fraises


    Did you know that Norwegian strawberries are some of the best you could find? Summer days are very long in Norway and strawberries beneficiate of a long sunshine to get their wonderful colour & taste!

  • Muffin au brunost (brown cheese)

    Muffin au brunost (brown cheese)


    Brown cheese is a speciality from Norway. It would be difficult to describe its taste, a mix of sweet and salt that would scare most french people, but that makes it perfect for cakes and muffins!

  • Roulé à la confiture de fraises et au Brunost

    Roulé à la confiture de fraises et au Brunost


    Norwegians eat waffles with jam and brown cheese... Frenchies grow up with "gâteau roulé"...
    This jelly-roll is a perfect mix between a traditional european cake and a typical scandinavian ingredient!

  • Profiteroles



    A classic in french restaurant!
    Homemade "petits choux" filled with vanilla ice cream from Kulinaris (norwegian premium ice cream) and topped with melted Freia chocolate...

  • Tartelette aux myrtilles

    Tartelette aux myrtilles


    Part of the Oslomarka (forest around Oslo) offers wild blueberries to those who have the patience to pick them. This pie has a sweet bottom filled with an almond cream and topped with bluberries. Hmm!

  • Tarte aux pommes

    Tarte aux pommes


    Traditional pie with norwegian apples. A recipe from my grand mother :-)

  • 17th of may cake

    17th of may cake


    The 17th of May is the National day in Norway. This cake is a chocolate fondant with berries on the top to represent the norwegian flag. Hurra for Norge!

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  • Thomas

    A l'heure du goûter! on 06/22/2013

    We really had a great time at Ludivine's place. We had the chance to eat different pastries, all really well baked :) On top of that Ludivine was very friendly and we chatted for two hours before leaving, sated ;)

    by Thomas B.