A Little Heart and Art.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


In this atmospheric room with candle light and beautiful damask set tables guests will dine between the art of the artist. Between the courses artist Petra Hart shows you her magisterial 'Heart-World' world and will tell you about her art. She also gives a look behind the scenes at how she manufactured her works of art. You get a three-course dinner including a glass of wine with each course and a glass of wine as an aperitif paired with the amuse bouche. When the weather allows you can eat at the beautiful quay. Her house is on the ground floor in front of the water. Petra already has multiple years of experience organizing 'art diners' in her art studio. Please do not hesitate to contact her if the group is larger than 10 people.

Menu composition:

  • Appetizer
  • Starter
  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Alcoholic beverage


  • Format: Dinner

Guest preferences

  • Minimum: 2 people
  • Maximum: 15 people
  • Table suited to: Locals, Tourists, Foreigners

Previously at Petra's table

Discover some dishes out of Petra's kitchen in order to whet your appetite!

  • Chicken in Pancetta

    Chicken in Pancetta

    Main course

    Chicken in pancetta with baked potato with rosemary leaves and garlic, served with a glass of wine.

  • Peach in amaretto

    Peach in amaretto


    Peach in amaretto from the oven, served with a glass of wine.

  • Pumpkin Soup

    Pumpkin Soup


    Pumpkin Soup with rucola and cashew nuts, served with a glass of wine.