Fresh is best!

Mesa, Arizona, United States


Our meals offer a variety of flavors with fresh foods. Sharing a meal is the best way to enjoy one another's company & get to know others! Please join our happy family for dinner!

Menu composition:

  • Appetizer
  • Main course
  • Dessert


  • Format: Dinner

Guest preferences

  • Minimum: 1 person
  • Maximum: 3 people
  • Table suited to: Locals, Tourists, Foreigners

Previously at Brenda's table

Discover some dishes out of Brenda's kitchen in order to whet your appetite!

  • Asian Cobb Salad

    Asian Cobb Salad

    Main course

    Chunks of avocado & juicy cucumber, moist chicken, thinly sliced radishes & red onion, juicy mandarin orange wedges & snow pea pods served on fresh baby spinach with creamy peanut dressing.

  • shrimp sauteed in thinly sliced garlic

    shrimp sauteed in thinly sliced garlic

    Main course

    Served with pasta & a lots of roasted vegetables.