The food world

Alacant, Spain


I cook traditional cuisines from Asia, Europe and America
I like people from everywhere.... and I like people enjoy with my food
I think "the table" is a good place to share a great moment.
You can watch my dishes pictures but you can choose many traditional dishes and my creations too... you only must ask me what do you want, tell me about your favorite tastes or what country you want to eat :D

Menu composition:

  • Starter
  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Alcoholic beverage


  • Format: Dinner
  • Type: Indonesian cuisine
  • Characteristics: Organic, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Gluten-free, Dairy-free

Guest preferences

  • Minimum: 1 person
  • Maximum: 4 people
  • Table suited to: Locals, Tourists, Foreigners

Previously at Jiwa's table

Discover some dishes out of Jiwa's kitchen in order to whet your appetite!

  • Coconut rice with fish curry (Cambodia)

    Coconut rice with fish curry (Cambodia)

    Main course

    Fried rice with turmeric, shrimp and coconut milk, a traditional dish from Cambodia like this fish curry full of taste. The fish curry is made with mackarel, fresh and dried spices and coconut milk

  • Panada Manado (Indonesia)

    Panada Manado (Indonesia)


    Fish fried puff made with fresh herbs from Sulawesi island in Indonesia

  • Spanish seafood paella made with ñoras pepper

    Spanish seafood paella made with ñoras pepper

    Main course

    A tasty paella made with fish broth, garlic, ñoras, seafood... and eaten with alioli and homemade Spanish bread

  • Almojábanas



    A Spanish traditional baked donut with water-honey syrup

  • Baked vegetables salad with Spanish omelette

    Baked vegetables salad with Spanish omelette


    Traditional salad made with tomatos, belly peppers and eggplant cooked in the oven with garlic and olive oil dressing to eat with potato omelette

  • Tortilleras (Spanish cuisine)

    Tortilleras (Spanish cuisine)

    Main course

    An old traditional dish... flour tasty omelette that is eaten with salted fish, ñoras, vegetables and pork
    Very difficult to find it in the restaurants

  • Pipirrana (salad and soup)

    Pipirrana (salad and soup)


    Delicious cooked salad and tasty soup... other dish that you can not find in the restaurants... is a traditional home dish that was eaten many years ago in Spain
    Savory food

  • Local cheeses and sausages

    Local cheeses and sausages


    Traditional appetizer from Spain

  • Italian ricotta chocolate cake

    Italian ricotta chocolate cake


    Soft and creamy chocolate cheese cake made with Hong Kong flour

  • Callos


    Main course

    Beef stomach with tomato, chorizo, onion and mint to eat with fried potatoes spanish style

  • Eggplant pickle

    Eggplant pickle


    Eggplant with vinegar, garlic, parpika, bay leaves....

  • Buñuelos



    Spanish fried buns

  • Salmon with aromatic rice

    Salmon with aromatic rice

    Main course

    Grilled salmon with lemon a black pepper to eat with basmatic rice and fresh spices

  • Cachapa



    Sweet corn omelette with ham and cheese. Traditional latin cuisine

  • Arepa


    Main course

    Corn bread with deep fried banana, cream cheese, eggs and salad
    Tasty full dish from South America

  • Leche frita (fried milk)

    Leche frita (fried milk)


    Traditional sweet from Spain made with milk and to eat with ice-cream

  • Olives



    Different kinds of Spanish olives to eat with corn bread

  • Sichuan eggplant with fried rice

    Sichuan eggplant with fried rice

    Main course

    Asian eggplants cooked with Sichuan peppers to eat with chinese fried rice

  • Cream bread

    Cream bread


    Sweet bread with roast cream on top

  • Fish balls in curry

    Fish balls in curry


    Fish ball in a chinese hot curry

  • Chinese baked buns

    Chinese baked buns


    Chinese baked buns made with Hong Kong flour with cramberries inside

  • Lemon rice with chicken sticks

    Lemon rice with chicken sticks

    Main course

    Indian lemon rice with fried hot curry chicken