Welcome To Isabelle's and Quentin's Home

Villeurbanne, Rhone-Alpes, France


My companion and I, live in Lyon, and we love to eat, but also eat well !
We cook together always.
Our food is simple food, but we put our heart and want to share a delicious meal.

Later, go we would live in the country, and open a bed and breakfast .. because right now our apartment is too small to accommodate people .... but not for their cook a good meal!

Menu composition:

  • Starter
  • Main course
  • Cheese plate
  • Dessert
  • Alcoholic beverage


  • Format: Dinner

Guest preferences

  • Minimum: 1 person
  • Maximum: 6 people
  • Table suited to: Locals, Tourists, Foreigners

Previously at Isabelle's table

Discover some dishes out of Isabelle's kitchen in order to whet your appetite!

  • Sweet chocolate/caramel

    Sweet chocolate/caramel


  • Olive cake/ham

    Olive cake/ham


  • smalls rolls xith sausage

    smalls rolls xith sausage


  • homemade crisps

    homemade crisps


  • Rolled veal with beer and mushrooms

    Rolled veal with beer and mushrooms

    Main course

  • Homemade Brioch bread

    Homemade Brioch bread


    Homemade brioche, light and delicious, with little fat.
    eat without restraint with homemade jam or spread dough.