Dining in with Di And Kym

Kingswood, Australie


More the merrier at our regular gatherings of fun and interesting people who love to wine, dine and experiment with the best from our local producers.
Our family of four includes two young adult children, age 21 and 22.
Food, travel and entertaining is our passion, so we are sure there are many experiences we can all share.

Au menu :

  • Apéritif
  • Entrée
  • Plat principal
  • Dessert

A table

  • Format: Dîner
  • Influences: Cuisine australienne

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 1 personne
  • Maximum: 6 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Dianne

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Dianne pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • 100-degree slow-cooked beef shanko

    100-degree slow-cooked beef shanko

    Plat principal

    This is an example of a beautiful slow cooked shank but we also love so many other meats, and serve them with rustic accompaniments according to what is in season.

  • Chocolate tart

    Chocolate tart


    Chocolate tart with white choc crumb and homemade ice cream

  • South Australian prawns or other seafood

    South Australian prawns or other seafood


    Just an example of local produce. These prawns are sweet and firm and come from the Spencer Gulf. Other fish and seafood could also feature. Salmon and kingfish are other faves.

  • Woodside goat cheese

    Woodside goat cheese


    We can add a cheese course or perhaps substitute dessert. Our cheesemakers vie with the best, this a beautiful presentation from Woodside Cheesewrights in the Adelaide Hills.