My table offers something for every taste.

Venice, Italie


My palazzo is magical and mystical just like Venice. The table is traditionally set and the fresh seaside smell evokes stories of seamen. Live and savour Venice.

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A table

  • Format: Dîner
  • Influences: Cuisine italienne
  • Mais aussi: Pescétarien

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  • Minimum: 2 personnes
  • Maximum: 8 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Massimo

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Massimo pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • grilled prawns on a slightly  mousse of pumpking

    grilled prawns on a slightly mousse of pumpking


    The sweetness of the pumpkin is blending well with the fresh prawns, a hint of smoked chilli completes a burst of flavours.

  • handmade"Pappardelle"  and "canoce"

    handmade"Pappardelle" and "canoce"

    Plat principal

    Pappardelle are a type of pasta that calls for a rather rich sauce, which it finds here in a perfect composition with canoce, a typical shellfish of the Adriatic Sea and a hint of basil oil.

  • Sardines whit fresh mediterranean flavours

    Sardines whit fresh mediterranean flavours


    Braised Sardines whit the parfume of mediterranean sea.Rosemary, sage, coriander, parsley and lemon ... from my little garden.

  • Stuffed calamari with spelt shrimps mint and lemon

    Stuffed calamari with spelt shrimps mint and lemon

    Plat principal

    The spelt, known as the grain of the ancient Romans, wins a new flavour, mixed with mint, parsley and little shrimps. Stuffed with this mixture the calamari is simply unique

  • deep-fried shrimps with lemon bedded on polenta

    deep-fried shrimps with lemon bedded on polenta


    the perfect starter to accompany a glass of prosecco or a spritz

  • Cuttlefish with polenta

    Cuttlefish with polenta

    Plat principal

    Cuttlefish, "al nero di seppia", you can't leaving Venice without testing this typical dish!!!!!

  • mackerel baked in foil

    mackerel baked in foil

    Plat principal

    Mackerel baked in foil (al cartoccio), with orange , leek and cumin seeds. Northern and southern flavours meeting in Venice.

  • Handmade pasta  with asparagus

    Handmade pasta with asparagus


    Strozzapreti (pasta) , with a cream of asparagus from the islands of the lagoon....

  • Stuffed peppers with chickpeas

    Stuffed peppers with chickpeas


    Did you ever try hummus stuffed peppers ? the italian way....

  • artichokes with Italian sauce...like my granny's !

    artichokes with Italian sauce...like my granny's !


    artichokes from the island of the lagoon !

  • Sarde in savor

    Sarde in savor


    The most typical dish from Venice. Sardines in a little sweet and sour onion marinade. This dish saved our seamen for centuries. I'll tell you the whole story during dinner.

  • red snapper with small Italian tomatos

    red snapper with small Italian tomatos

    Plat principal

    The tomatoes grown in my garden and the fish is amazing...!

  • tartlets of fava beans and chicory

    tartlets of fava beans and chicory


    Fava beans and chicory are typical from the south, I'm the first one combining them in a delicious tartlet.

  • caponata



    Enjoy the flavor of Italy with this colourful, all-vegetarian dish. Eggplant , carrots , zucchini ,peppers, olives .

  • Panna cotta

    Panna cotta


    Enjoy the "panna cotta" my way , with a lot of fresh berries

  • Focaccia



    All the dishes are accompanied by a homemade cake, warm and delicious!

Petits mots (4)

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  • Tamara

    My table offers something for every taste. le 13/02/2016

    We had a great time with Massimo and the other guests. All of the food was delicious and we enjoyed getting to know our hosts and fellow guests. Thank you for hosting us!

    par Tamara A.

  • Frédéric

    My table offers something for every taste. le 16/10/2015

    An amazing moment shared with very nice persons!
    Max and his girlfriend Lisa, welcomed us in a very warm atmosphere, like old friends.
    Max was waiting for us on time at the meeting point he suggested in St Marco piazza, which is very close to his place.
    Max and Lisa live in a typical old fashioned style Venitian palazzio, in a very beautiful and typical neighborhood.
    We felt at home in their dining room, and they were cooking in front of us several typical Venitian dishes, such as fried fish, sardines with onions and... secret, but really delicious, pasta with seafood, cooked squids on the stove with their ink and presented in a round loaf ciabatta type, original and very very good!
    Of course with white wine from Venitie, and some desserts to finish the dinner!!
    I strongly recommend Max's place to share lunch, dinner or a drink and above all to spend a very nice time with someone who really knows Italy and Venice!!
    Enjoy Max hospitality!

    par Frédéric H.

  • Liz

    My table offers something for every taste. le 28/09/2015

    Massimo and his partner Leise were warm and welcoming hosts . The meal they cooked consisted of typical Venetian specialities so good I begged for the recipe. Most memorable food we ate ion our visit to Venice. Highly recommended!

    par Liz R.

  • Antoine

    My table offers something for every taste. le 08/05/2015

    We had a wonderful dining experience at Massimo. It's one of those expericences you can never forget... Food, ambiance, Massimo + Lisa, stories, Thanks to Massimo who really worked a lot for our diner to make sure everything was perfect... and it was. We decided to celebrate my father's 70th birthday and needed everything to be special !

    We arrived in that beautiful courtyard with olive trees and an old well where a nicely dressed table with 3 lit chandeliers set the mood for a fun and unique night.

    I have to talk about Massimo first because such a happy and generous person will already make your exepirence a great happening ! He is a true man of the sea He cooked like a chef to offer us the real italian way of dining: entry, primi, secondi, main... He managed to cook for us fresh bread, fresh pastas, fresh shrimps, fresh squids, peppers, tarts and great sarde in saor ( real seaman's food )... all this right on time, hot and sometimes even delivered by the second floor's window attached to a rope... very charming ! ( special thanks to Lisa, the girlfriend who also contributes a very great deal to make all this possbile )

    I will return to Massimo's and will be sending people anytime possible knowing they will get what we all want from that kind of experience: Meeting locals, fresh local food, private places to visit and a great captain to lgiht everything up... that is Massimo.

    Cheers from all our family !!!

    par Antoine L.