Pastries in the heart of Paris!

Paris 2, France


Come and share some fresh handmade pastries (made from the best ingredients) with us, in our little flat located in Montorgueil, one of the nicest places in Paris!
Discover fresh handmade Paris-Brest, Mille Feuilles or Saint-Honoré, while discussing about our different cultures! We can cook it together if you want too, hopping you can learn new things to make at home !
A fine tea (Thés de Chine, Mariage Frères, Lov...) or a homemade traditional hot chocolate (With Valrhona chocolate) will be offered, to conclude this French "gouter".
If you like, I can to guide you to the best cooking shops, including hardware, book shop or pastry shops that are only a few minutes away.

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  • Format: Goûter
  • Influences: Cuisine française

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  • Minimum: 1 personne
  • Maximum: 3 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Benjamin

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Benjamin pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Paris-Brest



    A typical French desert, with an almonds & hazelnuts handmade cream & paste, always baked just a few hours before to keep it fresh!

  • Mini lemon pie with meringue

    Mini lemon pie with meringue


    A nice lemon pie, made with fresh organic lemon & only natural ingredients.

  • Tarte Tatin

    Tarte Tatin


    One of the most famous French deserts, an upside-down apple pie. Made with a lot of small apple layers, thanks to Philippe Conticini's receipe!

  • Mille Feuilles Vanille-Rhum

    Mille Feuilles Vanille-Rhum


    A fresh-baked mille feuille: puff pastry (not handmade, but bought in a pastry shop, only premium ingredients), tasty vanilla from Madagascar and agricultural rum.

  • Macarons



    The most parisian pastry! Choose a flavor : vanilla-olive oil (my favorite!) / vanilla / passion fruit-chocolate (Valrhona Jivara) / dark chocolate (Valrhona Guanaja), caramel beurre salé...

  • Homemade Viennoiserie

    Homemade Viennoiserie


    Come and share some "viennoiseries" for a late breakfast with us, 100% homemade with fresh butter & Valrhona chocolate! Don't forget to book 48h before at mise, as it takes a lot of time to prepare...

  • Chouquettes



    A really simple dish, perfect for "goûter"! Pâte à choux with sugar, that's it! If you like, we can add some fresh vanilla whipped cream or melted Valrhona chocolate to dip in...

  • Vanilla Saint-Honoré

    Vanilla Saint-Honoré


    Another classical French desert, made of a soft Bourbon vanilla cream, pate à choux & crispy caramel... Surprisingly not as fat as it looks, thanks to Philippe Conticini's receipe !

  • Religieuse au chocolat

    Religieuse au chocolat


    A classical pastry, made with Valrhona chocolate for chocolate lovers!

  • Opéra



    A French Pastry classical, a mix of Blue Mountain coffee with Valrhona chocolate ; butter cream is replaced by "ganache montée" for a softer result.

  • Raspberry Charlotte

    Raspberry Charlotte


    Some fresh raspberries with a light vanilla bavaroise mousse in a classical French desert. Perfect for summer !

  • Strawberry pistachio pie

    Strawberry pistachio pie


    Summer is there, enjoy this fresh desert, with a soft pistachio cream, roast pistachios, fresh strawberries and some carvi seeds for even more freshness !

  • Fraisier



    A summer desert : strawberries, vanilla cream, soft cake and almond paste, for another classical French desert !

  • Big lemon pie with meringue

    Big lemon pie with meringue


    The grand sister of mini ones !

  • Infiniment Vanille Pie

    Infiniment Vanille Pie


    My personal favorite desert, from Pierre Hermé. A crispy dough, vanilla ganache, vanilla sirup, vanilla mascarpone cream, vanilla topping ; with more than 4 vanilla beans, perfect for vanilla lovers !

  • Eclairs



    Various eclairs, here with chocolate - nuts, speculoos and strawberry - pistacchio ; choose 1 or 2 perfumes (or ask me for other ones) !

  • Royal Chocolat

    Royal Chocolat


    Another classical desert for chocolate lovers : a soft hazelnut cake, a crispy praline / chocolate layer, a soft chocolate mousse, topped with a cocoa topping. Made with Valrhona chocolate and cocoa.

  • Lemon pie (Conticini's receipe)

    Lemon pie (Conticini's receipe)


    Another lemon pie, with Philippe Conticini's receipe : a crispy dough, soft hazelnut cake, strong lemon / tarragon paste, lemon curd and italian meringue... to try once you had the classical one!

  • Peach, Rose and Cumin pie

    Peach, Rose and Cumin pie


    A Pierre Hermé recipe, made from a fragrance : a nice dough, a creamy rose and almond cream, a lot of fresh and juicy peaches, and crispy cumin sugar, for this really unusual pie.

  • Fresh butter brioche

    Fresh butter brioche


    Maybe one of the most classical goûter dishes ! Only good things, with a nice butter taste, served with a choice of toppings (Handmade praline and maple butter, melted Valrhona chocolate...).

  • Religieuse au caramel au beurre salé

    Religieuse au caramel au beurre salé


    A rich and creamy home made caramel cream, run away if you're on diet ! In a soft and crispy dough and a soft glazing, perfect for a cloudy fall day !

  • Tarte façon Tropezienne

    Tarte façon Tropezienne


    A fresh homemade brioche, with sugar and chocolate crisps on top, and a soft white chocolate and orange blossom cream inside.

  • Coffee Saint-Honoré

    Coffee Saint-Honoré


    A variation on the classical vanilla one, made with red Iapar coffee (Brasil) from l'Arbre à Café, for strong coffee lovers.

  • Vacherin Vanilla - Passion fruit

    Vacherin Vanilla - Passion fruit


    A classical frozen pastry : a soft almond biscuit, with layers of handmade Bourbon Vanilla ice cream, Passion fruit sorbet and crispy meringue, topped with a soft whipped cream and lemon paste.

  • Forêt Noire

    Forêt Noire


    A classical desert : a cocoa genoise, whipped cream, "griottes" cherries, chocolate whipped cream, surrounded by a thin chocolate layer. Perfect with a nice hot tea when it rains outside!

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  • Sarah

    Pastries in the heart of Paris! le 04/12/2013

    Ce moment partagé avec Benjamin était délicieux. Il m'a donné ces astuces pour réussir une belle tarte au citron meringuée, nous l'avons préparée ensemble avant de la déguster.C'était divin. Un vrai régale...et ce jeune homme est d'une gentillesse rare. Merci

    par Sarah B.

  • Céline

    Pastries in the heart of Paris! le 06/07/2013

    C'était un moment super agréable chez Benjamin, tout y était même le soleil! J'ai pu participer à l'élaboration des éclairs! Benjamin a un appartement très convivial et son organisation est au top! Le meilleur était biensûr à la fin, je ne m'imaginais pas que la petite touche crunchy allait changer ma vision des éclairs. En plus il a essayé de respecter mon goût parce que j'aime bien quand la crème est bien dense. Je suis repartie avec mon doggy bag et j'ai pu encore en profiter pendant 2 jours ;0) Merci encore à toi Benjamin!

    par Céline C.

  • Maggie

    Pastries in the heart of Paris! le 29/03/2013

    Benjamin was a wonderful host to my mother and I. We both really wanted an authentic Parisian experience at a fair price, and Ben gave it to us! We had a delicious Saint-Honoré dessert with specially made hot chocolate and tea. Ben was really enthusiastic about having us taste different flavors and appreciate French cooking. He also showed us around his neighborhood and made tons of restaurant/shopping recommendations. I would highly recommend this "Afternoon Tea" to anyone who wants a casual, authentic, and fun afternoon in Paris.

    par Maggie O.