Poolside Barbecue with Farm Fresh Veggies

Moorpark, California, États-Unis


Join our family for a "California casual" dinner next to our sparkling pool. Water cascades from 3 water falls while we eat and drink the best California offers: local fruits and veggies - right off the local farms. The Avocado Diva (www.AvocadoDiva.com) prepares handmade guacamole table-side from heirloom avocados. California wine enhance our dinner or fresh lemonade is available for the non-drinkers (we even have a lemon tree!). Finish dinner with coffee next to our outdoor fireplace. Magical!

Au menu :

  • Apéritif
  • Plat principal
  • Dessert
  • Boissons alcoolisées

A table

  • Format: Dîner

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 1 personne
  • Maximum: 12 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Brenda

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Brenda pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Heirloom Avocado Guacamole & Chips

    Heirloom Avocado Guacamole & Chips


    Our "house" specialty - we lovingly hand make guacamole table-side using a real molecajete (stone bowl) using rare and unique avocados.

  • Farm-Fresh Fruit Platter & Ice Cream

    Farm-Fresh Fruit Platter & Ice Cream


    We live right in the heart of the best farming country on the California Coast. We'll get fresh-picked, in season fruit to make a dessert platter you will long remember ALONG with home-made ice cream.