Russian Food experience

London, Royaume-Uni


I am very passionate about food! I love eating and I realised that cooking makes me feel happy and relaxed. I have traveled around the world and tried many traditional foods, which has further inspired me to cook and discover food. I specialise in Russian and Eastern European food and want to share them with you! I also specialise in Desserts, healthy and yummy ones. I hope you will experience my food and have a lovely time!

I can also make vegan and vegetarian dishes and desserts.

Au menu :

  • Apéritif
  • Entrée
  • Plat principal
  • Dessert

A table

  • Format: Dîner
  • Influences: Cuisine russe
  • Mais aussi: Végétarienne

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 2 personnes
  • Maximum: 6 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Alla

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Alla pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Russian Borscht (Beetroot Soup)

    Russian Borscht (Beetroot Soup)


    Traditional Russian Borscht ( Beetroot Soup) With pork/beef ribs and sour cream. This dish can also be vegetarian.

  • Pelmeni ( Meat Dumplings)

    Pelmeni ( Meat Dumplings)

    Plat principal

    A very traditional Russian dish. Meat dumplings, usually contain two types of meat - pork and beef with onion and spices. They can be either fried or boiled.

  • Strawberry & Raspberry Mess

    Strawberry & Raspberry Mess


    Fresh and light dessert with berries. Its made with berries, yogurt and shortcake biscuits. Its layered in a glass and served with berries on top.

  • Latvian Chicken Salad

    Latvian Chicken Salad


    This unusual salad is eaten in Latvia for various occasions. Its made out of chicken, rice, sweetcorn, carrots and onion. Something you have never tried before and will love this dish.

  • Beef Stroganoff

    Beef Stroganoff

    Plat principal

    Beef stroganoff is a Russian dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce with smetana (sour cream and mushrooms) One of my favorite dishes!

  • Mango & Passionfruit Brulee

    Mango & Passionfruit Brulee


    Mmm this low fat exotic mango & passion fruit brulee can be eaten any time of the day. I made it with fresh exotic fruit, yogurt and a bit of sugar.

  • Tomato & Eggplant Stacks

    Tomato & Eggplant Stacks


    Healthy vegetarian starter made with tomatoes and eggplant.

  • Chocolate Lava Cake

    Chocolate Lava Cake


    I love chocolate in any shape and form! These are mini chocolate lave cakes with vanilla ice cream and berries for all the chocolate lovers! mmm