Spicing up Life

Austin, Texas, États-Unis


Using fresh, local ingredients and a variety of flavors, your palate will leave our table satisfied and curious for more. Whether it is fish from the Gulf of Mexico, home grown basil from the yard, or freshly plucked tomatoes from the garden, the in-season plate will "wow!" your taste buds.

Want a little Texas kick? We can enlighten and familiarize you to the spice without the sweat and tears

Au menu :

  • Apéritif
  • Entrée
  • Plat principal
  • Boissons alcoolisées

A table

  • Format: Dîner

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 1 personne
  • Maximum: 4 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Lena

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Lena pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Local Sea you will See

    Local Sea you will See

    Plat principal

    Wok Sauteed Gulf Shrimp with a French Rose wine

  • Home Grown Garden Salad

    Home Grown Garden Salad


    Home grown and home made! Tomatoes, onions, olives, avocado, basil, and other seasonable veggies topped with Himalayan pink sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and olive oil

  • Tropical Trout

    Tropical Trout

    Plat principal

    Salty Grilled Gulf of Mexico Trout with sweet citrus, mango, olives, and fresh basil.
    One bite=An Array of Flavors