Vegan balcony picnic in Paris

Montreuil, Île-de-France, France


Want to try something different ? How about a balcony picnic with fresh organic ingredients ? In my kitchen, everything is vegan, that means : no meat, no eggs, no milk, etc. But TONS of flavors. I can provide different types of experience : an exotic Creole or Indian dish, a traditional Japanese lunchbox, a kawaï lunch, a vegan version of French traditionnal menus. Just tell me what you feel like and we can work from that.
I can replace the dessert by starter and if you wish me to teach you how I cook, it would be my pleasure. I also can receive for an afternoon tea with luxury blends and 2 homemade pastries.

Au menu :

  • Plat principal
  • Dessert

A table

  • Format: Déjeuner
  • Mais aussi: Bio, Végétalienne, Sans lactose

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 1 personne
  • Maximum: 2 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Lucie

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Lucie pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Vegan pizza

    Vegan pizza

    Plat principal

    Vegan pesto or vegan cheese with fresh or grilled veggies and even vegan ham or sausages if you want.

    served with a fresh organic salad.

  • Samossas


    Plat principal

    Either :
    egglant / turmeric / shallots /sesame
    sweet potato / smoked vegan ham
    vegan cheese

    served with a big fresh organic salad. Can be served as starters without the salad and in fewer pieces.

  • Fresh rolls

    Fresh rolls

    Plat principal

    I make the craziest fresh rolls, right now I have about a dozen recipes, it's fun, pretty and a great lunch idea ! served with sauce and a small fresh organic salad. (can be served as starters)

  • Gourmet salad

    Gourmet salad

    Plat principal

    A big beautiful plate of fresh organic veggies with homemade bread. On this picture it is caramelized fennel with arugula, cherry tomatoes and marinated garlic olives with a mushroom bread.

  • Homemade pesto and pasta

    Homemade pesto and pasta

    Plat principal

    I make mean fresh pestos, green or red, you name it, all creamy and really filling. I can serve them on top of regular pasta or gluten free options (corn pasta/ rice noodles / shirataki).

  • Vegan Bento

    Vegan Bento

    Plat principal

    I can also prepare bento boxes (I'll update the pic with a more kawaï version).

  • Eggplant millefeuille

    Eggplant millefeuille


    Eggplant "confite" slices with pestos and vegan cheese cream. Served with bread.




    yes it deserves caps ! I love this recipe, it tastes just like your regular brownie but it's so much healthier. Already 15 friends of mine validated this recipe. I need you to get to 15 !

  • Fresh fruits salad

    Fresh fruits salad


    Organic and sophisticated, here for instance you have, apricots, plums, gooseberries with a Réunion island rum and vanilla orange sirup. Yep. Who said fruits had to be boring ?

  • Soup !

    Soup !

    Plat principal

    Cold gaspachos or spicy compositions made with organic veggies. Here is a lentil, rice, carrots, sweet potatoes curry soup. Can be served as starter in smaller proportions.

  • Power smoothie

    Power smoothie


    If you prefere, instead of a dessert, I can make you one of my power smoothies. Lots of choices are available according to the season, your health, your tastes. Check out my instagram for ideas.

  • Creative sandwiches

    Creative sandwiches

    Plat principal

    I love sandwiches ! I like to stack mine with veggies, vegan cheeses, pickles, vegan delicatessen and make sure they burst with aroma ! This is served with a few more raw veggies or potato wedges.

  • Spicy wok

    Spicy wok

    Plat principal

    Woks are a great way to get your veggie dose. This one is improvised with teriyaki red bellpeper sauce and chilli. Made with potatoes (like this one) or rice noodles, rice or even shirataki (konjac).

  • Tomato Farcie

    Tomato Farcie

    Plat principal

    A tomato filled with veggies, vegan cheeses, vegan meats. Here it is filled with a tomato hearts carpaccio. This dish can either be raw or cooked and can be served as a starter in smaller version.

  • Cashew cheesecake

    Cashew cheesecake


    Amazingly fresh and creamy vegan "cheesecake", served with a fresh fruit coulis and/or fresh fruits according to the season.

  • Potato salad

    Potato salad


    Rich in flavor but less fatty than a non vegan version this will be based on an association of regular and sweet potatoes and various seasonnal veggies. Can be served with a burger or a roast.

  • Vegan French Crêpes

    Vegan French Crêpes


    Thin light eggless crêpes, with a variety of topings (homemade marmelades, vegan chantilly etc). This dish also exist in a salty cheesy version. Gluten free version possible.

  • Vegan burger

    Vegan burger

    Plat principal

    Burgers are all the rage in Paris, want to try a homemade vegan version complete with vegan cheeses and/or vegan bacon ?

  • Chili sin carne plate

    Chili sin carne plate

    Plat principal

    I love Mexican food, I always serve my chilli with guacamole, cream, nachos chips and if your lucky a homemade salsa of candied veggies.

  • Pumpkin farci

    Pumpkin farci

    Plat principal

    If you come & visit in the winter, this is an great hearty homemade dish to try. Inside my pumpkins I like to have sauteed mushroom with creme, sweets pepers and flavored tofu, but we can improvise !