Wine and Dine

Pyrmont, Australie


My wife and I are food enthusiasts who enjoy preparing meals and entertaining friends for lunches and dinners. With a Chinese and Malaysian cultural background, and having completed a commercial cookery certificate out of personal interest, I am happy to design a menu to your preference and liking. To us, being able to share our food, wine and stories with great dinner companions, is a wonderful experience.

Au menu :

  • Entrée
  • Plat principal
  • Dessert
  • Boissons alcoolisées

A table

  • Format: Dîner

Quelques préférences

  • Minimum: 2 personnes
  • Maximum: 4 personnes
  • Table idéale pour: Des locaux, Des touristes, Des étrangers

Précédemment à la table de Yee Harn

Découvrez quelques plats sortis de la cuisine de Yee Harn pour vous mettre en l'appétit !

  • Home made pasta

    Home made pasta

    Plat principal

    Home made fettuccine, with Spanish chorizo, mushroom and spinach

  • Fig and yoghurt almond cake

    Fig and yoghurt almond cake


  • Tiramisu



  • Spatchcock, grilled polenta, asparagus and jus

    Spatchcock, grilled polenta, asparagus and jus

    Plat principal

  • Coffin Bay Pacifc Oysters

    Coffin Bay Pacifc Oysters


    Coffin Bay Pacific Oysters with chilli, shallot and ginger vinaigrette, fresh from the Sydney Fish Market just across the street

  • Malaysian Hainanese Chicken

    Malaysian Hainanese Chicken

    Plat principal

    Classical Malaysian favourite chicken dish

  • Wines from the Pepper Tree Winery

    Wines from the Pepper Tree Winery


    Pepper Tree Winery is one of our favaourite vineyards. We are happy to share our wines with friends and wine enthusiasts at the table.

  • Mango Sticky Rice

    Mango Sticky Rice


    Mango Sticky Rice with White Chocolate and Coconut Sauce